Yes, we have! Our Album "WHITE IS ALL COLORS" is finally here and ready to be heard.

10 Years of joy, rage, hope and fear are merged into this very emotional high-contrast collection of songs written and performed by Jonas Teichmann, Max Schneider und Nora Oertel who are the trio known as onemillionsteps.


Dinesh Ketelsen, a true master when it comes to capturing the magic of a band, acted as host, engineer and producer of this record. His expertise and love for organic and analog sound built the solid base of what these songs now call their home. 

After wrapping the live sessions and overdubs he passed the baton over to Sebastian Gimm who put the songs into a more surreal, outer-space-kind of scenery during the process of mixing and post-production.

The cherry on top was placed by Chris Rautenkranz who mastered the recordings and carved out all the little details, finally creating a listening experience as joyful and intensive as audible below.

Now we are looking for partners to collaborate in the fields of release, distribution, promotion, booking and world domination.



We picked out these three songs as a preview

If you want to listen to the whole album click here